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Ladies: How to Own Prom Night

June 21, 20236 min read

Ladies: How to Own Prom Night

Prom season is coming up soon which means it’s time to start searching for your perfect look! As a girl who’s gone through this process, I know it can get expensive so I’m gonna give you some tips for looking amazing on a budget.


As a high schooler, I’m guessing you’re probably ballin’ on a budget, so give yourself time to find the best deal for your dress. Search through the sales racks at department stores before the other girls grab all the good stuff and check out your local thrift shops for sweet one-of-a-kind gowns. You can also find some pretty legit deals by keeping it local. For you ladies in Humboldt, stop by Promises Bridal and Formal Wear for special deals we’ve created just for you. If you mention the discount code ‘accuratedjsPROM’, you’ll get $25 off your prom dress purchase of $150 or more and your date will get $10 off or a free shoe rental when he rents a tux! On top of that, if you go in with your date, they’ll make sure your dress and his tux match perfectly.
Only gonna wear it once? It used to be that just the guys could rent their outfits, until Rent the Runway came along. This website is like the Netflix of the girlie world; dress rentals start at $40 and all orders come with an alternate size of your dress for free, just in case (hey, stuff happens right?).They also have a ton of accessories to pick from to keep all eyes on you (this is exactly what your favorite celebs do for red carpet events). If you sign up for their email list now, they’ll give you $25 off your first rental.


You can’t go out with your hair looking a hot mess…think of it as the cherry on top, I mean, you wouldn’t leave the house without your shoes on right? Same goes for your hairdo, it completes your look and you can get it done for cheap.

  • If you’re going for a simple half up-half down ‘do, CLICK HERE to watch this tutorial on YouTube.

  • If you’re down to try a DIY up-do, CLICK HERE to take a look at this tutorial on YouTube.

If you have a more complicated style in mind or if you’re hair-challenged like me, book an appointment at a beauty school where you’ll pay half of what you would at a salon. Humboldt ladies, you should check out Fredrick & Charles Beauty College, they only charge $20 for an up-do. If you decide you want to go to a salon, make sure to book your appointment early or you’ll risk them not having room (and you lookin’ all ratchet).


You should wait to order the corsage and boutonniere until you know what your dress looks like, otherwise you could end up with some pretty interesting color combos. Traditionally, your date is supposed to buy your corsage which is that super cute flower bracelet (it should match your dress) and you’re in charge of getting his boutonniere which is the flower thing you’re supposed to pin onto his jacket without stabbing him or yourself (BYOB ladies- bring your own Band-Aid!). If your date is forgetful, it might be easier to just order both at once. On average, a boutonniere costs between $10 and $20 and a corsage will range from $25 to $35. To keep prices down, ask the florists which flowers are budget-friendly so they can create something that’s nice but won’t leave you crying when you see the tab.


If you’re rollin’ deep, you might consider getting a limo and splitting the cost between your group. Humboldt Limousine & Photography is running a discount just for locals that’ll take $100 off your rental and professional pictures, just mention ‘accuratedjsPROM’ (normally $1,000). Pull 8 of your friends together (it seats 9) and you’ll get 5 hours with the limo, pictures before you take off and paparazzi style shots while you’re at dinner (how cool is that!?) for just $100 a piece. If your date’s picking you up in his car, be really careful about not letting your dress rub against it (just in case it’s not 100% clean) because let’s be honest, if your dress gets ruined, the night is over and your date can go home.


As far as dinner goes, talk to your date about how you’re going to handle the bill (some guys will treat you, others will need to split it). If you know anyone with a Costco membership, ask them to check the gift card section for you which usually has a bunch of gift cards for local restaurants at discounted prices (the deal is usually $100 worth of food and drinks for $80). Of course, you’re not obligated to go with just your date, a lot of us have gone in groups or with no date at all…riding solo or with friends can be an amazing time (shout out to all my independent women out there!). Whoever you decide to go with, make sure you make reservations early and text the details to whoever you’re going with so they’re not late. Just a friendly reminder- remember you’re a lady, that means no chewing with your mouth open and no obnoxious language at the table (bad manners will take away from your prettiness).


Let’s face it, sometimes things don’t always turn out as planned, so for those “just in case” moments it’s always good to have a bag of tricks! Nothing like trying to look all hot and then you realize you have a big ol’ hunk of nasty wedged in your teeth. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to pack a few toothpicks or flossers in your clutch. It also never hurts to keep a perfume sample or mini spray in there too in case you forgot to put on deodorant in your mad dash out the door. DJ got you fallin’ in love again? Not if you scare your date away with shiny-face…put a Kleenex or powder compact in your clutch to keep yourself looking fresh. Greeeaaat, mother nature decided to crash winter prom- no big deal, just think ahead and grab whatever “tools” you need to avoid disaster. Hoping for a good night kiss? (shut up, you know you are!) Well then, you better pack some mints or gum in there too (just don’t overload your clutch, we don’t want you throwing your back out)!

Now that you know how to look amazing at prom without going broke, you might have enough money left over to grab some late-night fro-yo.

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