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And Then There Was Lighting

May 09, 20243 min read

Lighting is important, people! I remember vividly as a young boy always doing my homework in the dark. Not sure why I did my homework in cave like environments, but my step-father would always breeze into the room and say, “Let’s put a little light on the subject” as he switched the light on. It always made the task at hand much better no matter how many times I rolled my eyes at him.

When it comes to weddings and big events, lighting matters. One of the most overlooked components of planning a wedding or an event is lighting. Some think of it as a luxury, but really it is a necessity.

Some venues have their own lighting with the bonus of dimming. Most don’t. I’ve been to venues that actually have fluorescent lighting, which we all know can be overwhelming on the eyes. In these cases, Ibuprofen when we get home IS a necessity.

Many venues work closely with lighting companies and/or DJ’s who are able to provide uplighting to accommodate any theme that is desired by the couple, or those planning an event. There are many benefits that come along with the addition of lighting.

Here are a few:

1. Sets The Mood

As one who has been to many wedding receptions, as well as big events, I can tell you there is nothing that welcomes a guest more than a wonderful and cleverly lit room. Lighting has a welcoming element which can make the guests feel comfortable. When our guests feel comfortable then the loving couple, or guests of honor feel comfortable. And that is what we want, no? And what’s a party without dancing? However, sometimes guests need to be motivated to dance. Intelligent lighting has the ability to get them out there.

2. Enhancement

There is a lot that goes into a wedding or an event. For instance, there almost always seems to be that one crafty person in a family, or in a group of friends who has mad skills when it comes to decor. I have a few in my circle. These kind hearted people tend to put in long hours, and go out of their way to make sure the decor around the venue and on the tables look nothing short of perfect. Lighting, if done correctly, can enhance and accentuate these elements. Not to mention, it sure does help with getting that perfect picture to remind us of the hard work that went into making the day special.

3. Photographers/Videographers

Photographers and Videographers prefer to capture the important wedding moments like cake cutting, first dances, bouquet and garter tosses with the help of uplighting on the walls. It’s not rocket science, cameras need light to capture all those candid and perfect moments. If we want great shots to remind us of that special day for years to come then uplighting should accompany the equipment being used to seize the memorable moments.


One of the many beautiful things about weddings and big events is that each of them are different. People also have different wants and needs. The venue also plays a huge role. Outside events might call for different kind of lighting or no lighting at all. Whatever the case is, I suggest you meet up with a DJ (many of them provide lighting) and share your vision with them. You’d be surprised on how many options are available that could help you achieve the perfect atmosphere for your big day.



Written By: Positively James

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