As we find the newest trends in the event industry, we look for to new innovative ways to engage your clients and guests. Snapchat is becoming a big contender in the social media empire. Why not have your guests show everyone how much fun they are having at your event?


Brand Identity
People are on social media all the time. They are showing off where they are partying, eating, hanging with friends, listening to live music and more! Why not get your brand in front of them and their viewers?
Filter Creation
We take your idea and have our graphic designer create an awesome filter just for you! We go over the look and design with you and once you approve the design we will begin to move forward.
Geo Fencing
Based on the area of the event or business, we can create an area where your filter becomes active on all phones with Snapchat. As their location notices they are within this invisible fence, your filter is automatically activated on their phones.
Do you want to just see your filter for a day or a whole month? We can schedule the time that your filter is active and able to be used. Whether it's just for a wedding on a certain day or a holiday event you can have it active for a little as one day or as long as a month at a time.
After your filter has been active we can then go back and see the conversion rate of the users. We can see how many people viewed the filter and how many people used it. This is a great tool for businesses to see how their filters are doing and if they need to be changed.
Want to make changes? As long as it is within the window of opportunity we can make any changes you want. Want to change up the filter design? We can help you with revamping the design until you are happy. Customer service is our priority!