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Small Business Event Management

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Create interest with on site branding

Utilized curiosity to drive traffic

What We Can Do For You


With our equipment and services we can create branding for your clients in a number of creative ways at your event.

Customer Curiosity

With music, entertainment and employee engagement the high energy atmosphere will spark the curiosity of anyone passing by. This will help convert foot traffic to a customer and hopefully a repeat customer.


Increase sales and new customer engagement by having entertainment at your business. It is proven that entertainment draws in customers and with different services can create more custom retention given the client more time to make a sale, increase social media awareness and collect contact information.

Event Planning

From start to finish we can handle more than just the entertainment. We can work with you and your client from start to finish. Give us your budget and let us go to work!

Entertainment Management

We manage the entertainment so you don’t have to. With over a decade of experience we can organize and manage any event you want to planned with no problem.

Event Sound

From full concert production to sound for an open house we can provide the right set-up for your event.

Bring awareness in a big way!

Draw attention to the brand you worked so hard to create



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During Miami Music Week we had guest dancing and even a group of guys came in because they heard the music and had an impromptu break dance session. The amount of foot traffic brought in by the music and entertainment increased sales and gave the sales team more time with each customer creating a better conversion rate.



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For the last 4 years we have provided sound and a DJ and sound for the 500+ guests for the Honda Classic Kick Off Party at the Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Most events when the main speaker and any awards are given the guest tend to leave. When hiring quality entertainment you can keep your guest in attendance until the end of the event or longer.

  • MAC


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For over 4 years we have worked with MAC Cosmetics to bring entertainment and energy to their product launch events throughout South Florida. We equate the success and winning sales nationally each weekend, even at the smaller malls, to the energy and fun that our DJs provided for the guests and employees.

Let’s create success together!


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