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DJs and MCs play an integral role at an event.

DJ Services Include:

Meeting your DJ
We understand that selecting a DJ for any event is a big decision, and we want you to be confident in your choice. After learning more about you and the event you’re planning, we will pair you will the DJ that we think will be the best match and offer you the opportunity to meet with your DJ via Skype or phone call to ensure you are the best fit for each other.
Announcements and Coordination
We will be available via email and via phone to accommodate your requests and assist you with adding information to your Online Planner. A week prior to your event, we will review your music selection and timeline, make changes and offer suggestions if needed. Your DJ will be prepared with an event timeline and all music requirements.
Sound Technician
All of our DJs and MCs are experienced with sound and the intricacies that follow at every type of venue, whether it be indoors or outdoors, large spaces or small. Each DJ/MC will set up his/her sound equipment in a manner that is safe and will provide the best acoustics. He/she will arrive with ample time to conduct multiple sound checks prior to each event to ensure the sound system is working properly and sounds perfect before guests arrive.
Music Selection and Crowd Engagement
Your DJ will use your music preferences to create a fun and active celebration. He/she will be able to read the crowd and motivate your guests to join in on the dancing without being overbearing. Your DJ will follow your timeline and be sure to ask for permission to play music your guests may request that fall outside your preferences.

We are proud to offer the best, highly skilled, club-trained South Florida DJs and MCs. These folks are well versed in several genres of music and are well practiced and flexible to accommodate any type of crowd.

You may be asking, “What is the difference between a standard DJ and a Club DJ?” This is a very good question. A standard event DJ is typically exposed to similar crowds at each event whereas a Club DJ is exposed to a different type of crowd with a different vibe each night. A Club DJ is trained to read the crowd from large to small, can mix songs seamlessly, and has the experience so as to recognize when one particular song isn’t working and make changes quickly and efficiently to keep the crowd engaged.

Celebrity DJs

We have exclusive celebrity DJs that you can have to make your celebration unique from any other event you have been to!

Private Event and Wedding DJs

Club and Bar DJs

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