Local Palm Beach Club DJ

Music is my life, music is my heart, music is my soul

My roots are vast and extensive, from New York/New Jersey area to South Florida. Raised by a dynamic woman, who did what was necessary to keep a family of five kids together after the loss of her daughter, their mother. My grandmother, although she might not have had the same appreciation for Hip Hop music (mixing and scratching) or in her words, "that noise," she is my support and instrumental in my development and growth into the person that I am today. As a DJ, DJ Cheeks got a late start in life. Although his interest started around age 12, he was not able to touch a set of turntables and a mixer until he turned 18. At that time, DJ Cheeks was able to purchase his set-up, yes did a lot of watching, listening and learning. With the help of his brother Psyco who helped him purchase most of the equipment. DJ Cheeks was able to jump-start my career

Boynton Beach DJ