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Lighting & Sound

These two aspects are the backbone of any event. If you don’t have enough sound for the number of guests, they will have trouble hearing. If you don’t have any lighting you are missing out on creating emotion and energy that will take your event to the next level

Why is Lighting Important

Imagine going to a concert or nightclub that didn't have any lighting. You wouldn't have the same experience. The movement and colors of the lights in conjunction to the music amplifies the emotions.

Lighting Examples


Hover over the picture to reveal how uplighting completely changes the look of this ballroom

Monogram and Pin Spots

Hover over the photo to reveal how a mono gram and pin spots along with uplighting completely changed this room!

Guest count

The number of guests that you are having is a huge impact on the amount and type of sound you need for your event or wedding. Too little sound and your guest will have a hard time hearing and you get lost in the venue. Too much sound and you can over load the venue and damage your guests ears.


From wireless hand-held, to wireless lapel microphones you want to make sure you don’t have any drop out from the audio. With new government laws coming into effect you want to make sure your getting microphones that are complaint with the new frequency regulations.

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