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“One of the top things people remember about a wedding is if the DJ was good and if people were dancing.”

Your DJ

Selecting a DJ for any event is a big decision, and we want you to be confident in your choice. After learning more about you and the event you’re planning, we will pair you with the DJ that is the best fit and offer you the opportunity to meet with your DJ via Skype or over the phone call.


We work with you through the whole process to ensure that the DJ knows when every formality is happening so they can announce everything from the grand entrance to the cake cutting. They will even engage the crowd to make sure everyone is energetic throughout the wedding!


All of our DJs come with premium sound equipment and wireless microphones so that your guest can hear everything going on from the ceremony to the toasts and throughout the reception. We cater the sound to the number of guest you will be expecting.


With our state of the art music request app you can add all the music you want for every aspect of your wedding right from your phone or tablet. You can even search our curated music lists if you are having trouble or add songs from YouTube or your personal Spotify Playlist!


You may be asking, “What is the difference between a standard DJ and a Club DJ?” That’s is an excellent question. A standard event DJ is typically exposed to similar crowds at each event and plays the whole song and fades in and out. A Club DJ reads the group and starts mixing in a new song if needed without stopping or playing the entire song.

Contact Us

Please click the link below to fill out our contact form with all the information you have so we can best help you, and we’ll be in touch with you very soon or call us at 888.777.8945. You can also select a date and time to set up a phone or zoom call with us.

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