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April Wedding Spotlight: Genovese Wedding

[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] April Wedding Spotlight   Genovese Wedding Details Location: Costa d’Este Resort and Spa Time: 4:30-10:00pm Services Provided: Ceremony Music & Sound Cocktail Hour Music Wireless Uplighting Reception DJ For this wedding spotlight we were at one of our favorite venues, Costa d’Este Resort. This venue is the nicest venue we have been to in Vero Beach and attracts some of our favorite… Read More »April Wedding Spotlight: Genovese Wedding

Picking A Venue For Your Wedding

PICKING A VENUE 1 Picking the perfect venue for your wedding isn’t brain science but it does take work and time. For some people, the combination of the amount of work and time makes it very difficult to stay calm. I see brides always stressing about the venue when they really don’t need to. Here are a few tips that you… Read More »Picking A Venue For Your Wedding

Ways to Save on Florals!

FLORALS ARE EXPENSIVE, BUT WHY? 1 Wow, indeed. More often than not clients are surprised by the price. Why are flowers you don’t actually keep at the end so expensive? Rental flowers are more expensive then for keeps flowers? In the wedding world they are, and it’s not going to change. BUT there is a solution. If you are on… Read More »Ways to Save on Florals!

Borrowed, Blue, Old, New…And a sixpence?

Borrowed, Blue, Old, New…And a sixpence? 1 “Something Borrowed, Something Blue…” Not all brides have followed this tradition or even heard of this tradition but ever so often I would hear bride’s asking their mom’s or any family member near if she had “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” You see, i’ve heard of these traditions but… Read More »Borrowed, Blue, Old, New…And a sixpence?

What About The Guests?

Everyone should definitely be concerned about the bride and groom but what about the wedding guests? Wedding guests are certainly an important factor to a wedding because, as many guests do not realize,  the AMOUNT OF MONEY it takes to attend the wedding could be overwhelming. It isn’t just a present these days, it’s transportation, outfit, gift, and a place to stay,… Read More »What About The Guests?

Gift Ideas For Bridal Party And Guests

Gift Ideas For Bridal Party And Guests 1 Ideas For Bridal Party: Personalized Wedding Party Tumblers For Everyone! Personalized Coolers For The Groomsmen (You’ll see Robert Parisi bring his to most events that he received as a groomsmen gift!) Beautiful Jewelry For The Bridesmaids Ideas For Wedding Guest Favors: DIY Body Scrub Mints For The Guests   All Time Favorite:… Read More »Gift Ideas For Bridal Party And Guests

August Wedding Spotlight: Begovic Wedding

Begovic Wedding Details Location: The Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum Time: 5:30-11:00pm Services Provided: Ceremony Music & Sound Cocktail Hour Music Reception DJ This wedding was at an amazing location in Key West, FL. The Hemingway House is a historic venue that is a museum during the day and closes down in the evening for weddings and events. Fun fact about… Read More »August Wedding Spotlight: Begovic Wedding

What is Hora Loca?

What is Hora Loca? 1 Rough Translation of Hora Loca is: hour of craziness, which is exactly what happens during an Hora Loca at a wedding. Hora Loca has been a popular trend in all types events, especially weddings! There are LED musicians, stilt walkers, LED dancers, and so many props for all of the guests! Usually, Hora Loca entails… Read More »What is Hora Loca?

July Wedding Spotlight: Gruber Wedding

Gruber Wedding Details Location: Wyndham Grand at Harbourside Place in Jupiter, FL Time: 5:30-11:30pm Services Provided: Ceremony Music & Sound Cocktail Hour Music Custom monogram Reception DJ For this wedding the ceremony and the reception were in the same room and the Wyndham did a fantastic job converting the room during cocktail hour. Cocktail hour was located outside the ballroom… Read More »July Wedding Spotlight: Gruber Wedding