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Picking A Venue For Your Wedding



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Picking the perfect venue for your wedding isn’t brain science but it does take work and time.

For some people, the combination of the amount of work and time makes it very difficult to stay calm. I see brides always stressing about the venue when they really don’t need to.

Here are a few tips that you should consider when looking for a venue for your wedding or event.

Proximity to Ceremony Location

For weddings it is important to always consider the amount of time it takes to go from the Ceremony to Cocktail Hour/Reception (if they are in separate locations). Consider transportation methods for your guests like a shuttle or even a small bus.


The better located venues can definitely be a bit pricier even though they are smaller. Keep in mind that even though you want to be in South Beach with all of it’s wonderful nightlife, sometimes it’s better to have a bigger space (and sometimes nicer) in Miami Beach. You can also coordinate transportation to take guests to South Beach after the reception.


Parking is very important factor to consider. Wherever your first stop is on your wedding day, make sure they have a lot of parking spots for your guests. If you are having valet, make sure there are more than one valet person and the spot to pick up cars is not going to cause a car build up in the street. I speak from past experience. Cops had to be called because cars were being blocked because there was only one valet person.

Amount of Space

A Fun Fact I recently learned that is so important to consider when deciding on a venue. 73% of the guests you invite will RSVP “yes.” That’s a larger percentage than most think. So if you are planning to invite 150 people, expect 110 to attend. This percentage is for in town weddings, I am sure it is different for destination weddings. Anyway, it’s better to have a bigger space than a smaller one. Always consider your dance floor. I am not much of gambler so I, personally, would not invite 150 guests and rent a venue that can only accommodate 100 guests. I prefer the better safe then sorry route.

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