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Ways to Save on Florals!


    BUT WHY?

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Wow, indeed.

More often than not clients are surprised by the price. Why are flowers you don’t actually keep at the end so expensive? Rental flowers are more expensive then for keeps flowers? In the wedding world they are, and it’s not going to change. BUT there is a solution.

If you are on a tight budget and flowers are important but not as important as the venue or even photographer then there are somethings you can do to have beautiful centerpieces without the high price tag.


Incorporating more candles or the florist fancy term: candelabras is actually quite a hit instead of a miss! You can have smaller centerpieces surrounded with beautiful candelabras and not break the bank! SOMETHING TO NOTE, though, is if your reception is outside ESPECIALLY on the beach, then candles might be more of a pain because of the wind factor. Nothing more annoying then the wind making all of your candles go out  during dinner. SOLUTION to this problem? Have longer vases where you have to drop a small candle into so the wind cannot effect the flame. They’re called floating wedding candles in the florist world.


Depending the season of your wedding, branches can actually make a beautiful centerpiece. Of course florists won’t name these beautiful centerpieces as branches but instead something along lines of: curly willow twigs or something super classic sounding.

DIY: Mason Jars

New Trend Alert: Rustic/Bohemian. The trend this season is certainly less ornate and more industrial. And what says more industrial than mason jars? Mason jars are a classic look and versatile! You can really do anything with them. Depending your venue and theme, you can even paint the mason jar to fit accordingly!

Extra Tip: Baby’s Breath is a great flower to add as fluff and a beautiful addition to anything! Including floral centerpieces!

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