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Borrowed, Blue, Old, New…And a sixpence?

  • Borrowed, Blue, Old, New…And a sixpence?

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“Something Borrowed, Something Blue…”

Something Old Something New Something Borrowed Something New

Not all brides have followed this tradition or even heard of this tradition but ever so often I would hear bride’s asking their mom’s or any family member near if she had “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” You see, i’ve heard of these traditions but I had no idea where it came from. After some research, I’ve found that this tradition actually dates back hundreds of years ago back into Britain. The full poem is:

“Something Old, Something New,
Something Borrowed, Something Blue,
And a silver sixpence in your shoe.”

I’m assuming that last verse has been committed over the years since a “sixpence” might be probably hard to find. Bride’s follow this tradition because these items are supposed to be considered lucky and will make the marriage and long and prosperous union.


By wearing something old, this item symbolizes the love for the bride’s family and the continuation to stay close with the family for generations to come.

By wearing something borrowed, the bride usually borrows an item from a family member that has had great fortune in finding the perfect husband and so this luck will be passed onto the bride as she wears that family member’s token

Interestingly enough, by wearing something blue, this has been a tradition for hundreds of thousands of years for brides. Apparently, bride’s used to wear blue dresses which symbolized purity, love, and fidelity! But now, as we have all seen, brides wear white dresses and a token of blue whether it be shoes or handkerchief around the bouquet.

And for those who still want to fully follow the lucky tradition, i’ve seen in weddings that instead of a silver sixpence, bride’s have put a copper penny, instead! Which is much easier to find if you ask me.

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