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What About The Guests?

Everyone should definitely be concerned about the bride and groom but what about the wedding guests? Wedding guests are certainly an important factor to a wedding because, as many guests do not realize,  the AMOUNT OF MONEY it takes to attend the wedding could be overwhelming.

It isn’t just a present these days, it’s transportation, outfit, gift, and a place to stay, especially if it’s a destination wedding. These days, it’s not cheap to put together a wedding or even attend a wedding. Wedding guests can spend up to seven to eight HUNDRED dollars! That seems to be unbelievable but it definitely adds up in the end.

Tips to avoid spending that much money:

This specific tip is for the ladies but when buying an outfit, go for neutrals! This ensures that at every wedding you attend, your dress can seem new especially after changing up your jewelry and hair-do’s. Different statement necklaces with an elegant black or navy blue long dress is definitely a safe method to avoid the reused dress stares from other guests.

Transportation, transportation, transportation. If it’s a destination wedding, Tuesday afternoon’s are a good day to book flights. But if it’s luckily in town, splitting uber ride’s is also an economical choice that will not burn your wallet. Uber is actually a very popular choice for not only wedding guests but also bride and grooms, especially if they’re having separate locations for First Look and Ceremony. Also, at the end of the night, instead of paying the premium price of the block room in the hotel, airbnb and vrbo are great sources for an amazing night without burning your wallet.

Gifts. Something guests always wonder about but they are never really sure what to get so they head straight to the registry! If not the registry, then definitely a check. From my experience, at weddings, I see the trend where the bride and groom just have a envelope box because apparently actual boxes containing a gift is a faux pas and giving a check to newly married couple is in. Check out other good ideas for gifts in our past blog about gift ideas!