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What is Hora Loca?

  • What is Hora Loca?

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Rough Translation of Hora Loca is: hour of craziness, which is exactly what happens during an Hora Loca at a wedding. Hora Loca has been a popular trend in all types events, especially weddings! There are LED musicians, stilt walkers, LED dancers, and so many props for all of the guests!

Usually, Hora Loca entails a LED drummer who walks throughout the crowds of dancing guests playing songs as he beats to the song the DJ is playing. And as the drummer is walking around, light sticks, boa’s, mardi gras beads, masks, wigs, anything and everything is passed around during this crazy hour and it surely creates an unforgettable hour.

It is definitely popular among the Hispanic weddings but anyone can do it! Parisi Events offers an exceptional assortment of musicians, including but not limited to LED drummer, LED violinist, Cello, Harpist, and much much more!

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