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Venue Coordinator IS NOT your Planner

The Difference

Time and time again there is confusion between the duties of venue coordinator versus wedding planner, but it all becomes very clear when the venue coordinator all of the sudden disappears during reception and no one knows what to do, or when to cut the cake, or even when to throw the bouquet. Venue coordinators ARE NOT your wedding planners, I repeat venue coordinators are not wedding planners. The most important aspect to venue coordinators is unfortunately NOT the bride and groom, but the venue itself unlike wedding planners, which their primary focus is the happiness of the bride and groom.

If the bride has a ripped dress and needs assistance, the bride will have to look further than the venue coordinator, because the venue coordinator is probably watching over the venue since that is his or her job and the venue coordinator will not have time for the dress of the bride. A Venue coordinator’s duty does not include catering to the bride and groom’s needs, but, rather, especially if there is a venue emergency, the venue coordinator’s  number one priority is the venue AND NOT the bride and groom. Not only that, venue coordinators usually leave the actual event around reception time. Again, I will repeat, no matter what the venue coordinator says, they are not your wedding planner and they will leave the party If all goes to plan, there is no point to sticking around, since THEIR DUTY FOR SERVICING THE VENUE is finished.

True or False

True: Venue Coordinators do help prepare for the wedding, in fact, they sometimes will provide some sort of direction or maybe even a check list.

True: Venue Coordinators are very sweet individuals who want the wedding to go over smoothly.

False: Many people think venue coordinators create your timeline, this is FALSE. This is a common misconception, venue coordinators do not create a timeline for you but, instead, only want to know the details that pertain to the venue they work for. When it comes to details about the bride and groom, and bridal party, and anything outside the venue, they do not have anything to do with that.

False: Many people think venue Coordinators stay throughout the whole wedding from the moment the bride wakes up until the very last person leaves the venue. FALSE. This is very false and the venue coordinator arrives about two hours before the event and does all of their duties in the venue and leave during reception, majority of the time.

ALL IN ALL, venue coordinators ARE NOT your wedding planners and they have a very different job in comparison to wedding planners. Although venue coordinators are just as important, they are not going to cater to your every need, which is the ultimate duty of a wedding planner. So if you are searching for someone to be there and support both of you throughout this whole process, do seek a wedding planner because rest be assured the venue coordinator is not that person to go to on the day of.

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