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Services Include:

Social Features
Be able to send your photos to your email or post on your social media right there at the event!
Custom Boarders
Get a custom boarder for promoting your retail store event to your big day!
Unlimited Prints
You get unlimited prints when you book our photo booth services.

You get a copy of all the photos taken at your event to share with friends and family, create a scrap book, or post to your social media. The possibilities are endless when you have all the photos in digital form.

We come ready with a large amount of props for you and your guest to use while in the photo booth!
Interactive Attendant
You want an energetic attendant to help energize your guest to have fun and let loose! This helps create fun memories and blackmail for years to come!

Photo Booth Styles

South Florida Photo Booth, Palm Beach Photo Booth

Open Air

Open air booths are easy and utilized the background of your event whether its a stone wall or your guest dancing the night away!

South Florida Photo Booth, Palm Beach Photo Booth

Open Air with Backdrop

Choose what backdrop you want or choose a green screen to let your guest customize their background!

Mirror Booth

Book our unique mirror photo booth today! Comes with animations to entertain your guest while taking photos and unlimited prints!

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The History of Photo Booths

Like any invention, the photo booth as we know and love it has gone through many phases over the decades. Its first prototype was wildly popular in New York City, soon spreading across the country and overseas to document the world’s smiles. Here is a brief history of the photo booth, a staple in today’s selfie and social media culture:

1889: The first known photo machine was featured at the World Fair in Paris. This coin-operated device would develop a ferrotype, a photo transferred onto a thin sheet of metal, in about five minutes.

1896: First automatic photo machine with a negative and positive process invented in Germany.

1925: Russian immigrant Anatol Josepho built the first curtain-enclosed photo booth in New York City. After creating a successful prototype, Josepho opened Photomaton Studio on Broadway, which had three photo booths with attendants and attracted thousands of customers in its first months of business. For 25 cents, people could get a strip of eight photos in about eight minutes. Photo booths spread throughout the United States after this success.

1958: Auto-Photo Model 11 Photo Booth was developed for ID, police, and prison mug shots. It had no curtain and included a number beside each photo on the strip.

1960s: Andy Warhol began manipulating photo booth portraits in his artwork, the first artist to do so. He kept hundreds of photo booth strips of friends and muses, reinterpreting the black and white pictures with color, enlarging, and line drawings.

1968: Users could operate the photo booth themselves—up until this point an attendant would adjust the lens and help people pose for their pictures.

1990s: Photo-Me starts marketing digital color photo booths that used a computer to print strips faster.

Today: With today’s technology, photo booths are as fun as ever, with a wide variety of options for printing, sharing, and utilizing at all types of events. After all, a picture’s worth 1000 Words!


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