Tipping Etiquette


Not Just Restaurant Servers

More often than not, I am asked if there is tipping involved even though you just paid a certain price for the service rendered by a certain vendor. The answer is simple, there is a service being performed by a person, and even though there is a price to pay for this service, it is usually a nice gesture to pay tip, specifically a 6% tip for the entertainment industry, especially if they do a great job. Think of a server in a restaurant: you pay for the food by the restaurant and then tip the server 20% especially if the service was excellent. This same concept applies to everyone in the entertainment business and not just DJ's.


Do You Really Have to Tip?

Again, it is not absolutely necessary to tip but if you feel like your vendor has gone above and beyond and has made life so much easier then why not show your appreciation? As a wedding planner, I never mention a tip - at least for myself - throughout the whole process of a wedding. It isn't my business whether or not my client will tip me, all that matters is that they are happy with my service and that they have an amazing wedding. All too often, I'll have a bride at the end of the night ask me about tipping the wedding planner and her assistants...this question is especially awkward since it is not necessary but of course always appreciated. But to be honest, it could be the smallest amount but when I receive a tip, I feel that extra approval that the wedding day was up to par for the bride and groom and my hard work made their special day that much better.

....Awkward Moment

Unfortunately, the reality is, tip is usually an afterthought. Thus, instead of waiting until the very last minute to wonder about a tip, it is always a good idea to think about whether or not a tip is a good idea a few days BEFORE the wedding rather than at the end of the night when its almost midnight and an ATM is not near. For the most organized couple, an idea I am going to apply for my very own wedding, is having separate envelopes that will contain each vendor's tip and name so that my planner can hand them out at the end of the night. And just to clarify, the reason why I decided to write a blog about tipping this week is not because no one tips and they should definitely think about tipping, but rather because I want you to skip that moment at the end of the night, when you're pretty elated after so many champagne toasts to realize that you really want to tip a vendor but you have no cash on yourself and you don't want to deal with it later on. So ladies and gentlemen, the answer is yes, tip is always appreciated, no matter the amount, but it not expected nor mandatory, just a nice gesture.

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