When To Hire A DJ?

When To Hire A DJ?


Right now. I am just kidding, but, in all honesty, as soon as you know your wedding date, maybe even before that is a good time to hire a DJ. Planning a wedding is a lot of work and good vendors help with this work, especially on the day of the wedding. Parisi Events does a promotion where brides receive a discount if hiring earlier rather than later. Not only does hiring the vendors earlier on relieve a lot of stress, it also could save you a bit of money that you can spend on the honeymoon.

Every vendor appreciates the planner bride, the bride that plans everything way in advanced instead of just a few months out. Although there are always outside factors that causes a delay in hiring a vendor, it is essential to hire everyone at least SIX months before the wedding. The ideal time to hire all your vendors, though, is at least a year before your wedding so you can work on the knitty gritty details later on.



Just like paying for anything else, everyone wants a good deal. When purchasing an expensive item like a television, almost every consumer will search the internet for the best price as well as comparing the reviews with each pricing. Parisi Events guarantees quality but like anything else, quality does come with a price. You will always find a cheaper vendor but just like cheaper products, you will receive cheaper quality. If you find a Plasma TV on Craigslist for $50, would you assume right away there's definitely something wrong with it? The same concept applies to cheaper DJs, when there is a DJ claiming his full services for under $500, be wary of his background and his skills. DJ's are extremely important especially when it comes to THE RECEPTION. Be aware that there are people out there claiming they are a "DJ" when in fact they just play songs from a song list off of their iPod (which you could have done yourself without having to pay anything at all). All in all, the point of this blog, is to make sure you know what you're paying for and to realize the quality the DJ will provide.

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