Feel The Fusion

So. You have an event coming up and you really need music but you really want to go above and beyond for your guests. You really want something compelling and yet exciting and adds an extra oomph or flavor, for lack of a better word, to your bi-lingual DJ? Or in another scenario, have you ever thought, what more can I add to my party than just a DJ? We have the answer for you! It's actually quite simple, and yet makes all of the difference. It's called DJ Fusion! Currently popular in demand, DJ Fusion combines your DJ and any musician of your choice. Ever thought about adding some violin spice to Ellie Goulding's, "Love Me Like You Do?" Parisi Events provides that option! It is actually quite an amazing service that is so simple and yet really enhances any song of choice.


Top options for a DJ Fusion are violin, drummer, cello, electric violin, and saxophone! Why stop at one, when you can have two or even three? Parisi Events is known for our top DJs and entertainment, why not combine the best of both worlds? The combination of both DJ and live music really does an amazing job complimenting each other and making the song that much better! Don't believe us? Check out our Youtube video of a recent event incorporating both a DJ and a violin player above!

Traditionally, DJ Fusion started with just adding a drummer to the DJ mix but then it just flourished from there. Now you have the opportunity to add any instrument to really emphasize and entertain the audience. The best way to start off an amazing event is through an amazing song with an equally amazing musician. Might as well purchase the best of the best through Parisi Events!

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