Why the DIAMOND engagement ring?



Following up on the topic of our last blog, why is the DIAMOND, not the ruby or the sapphire, engagement ring’s in every bride’s line of sight? Interestingly enough, after Cape Colony’s discovery of the large amount of diamonds in 1860s, diamonds became a lot more popular in society, especially among the upper class. Unfortunately, the Depression occurred in the 1930s, and not only were marriage rates plummeting so were the diamond sales. So people were losing money and had to prioritize, and shockingly enough, diamonds weren’t a priority (I know, don’t ask me). After the depression hit hard, the diamond industry has been left with a surplus of diamonds in the 1930s but no clientele so the diamond industry began a campaign that is surprisingly still used to this day. This campaign changed our whole view on not only engagement rings, but rings in general, and this campaign’s slogan was “A Diamond Is Forever.” Once media took hold of this campaign, it was donezo for all brides-to-be, and heck even all women. “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” is an epic marketing strategy that has forever turned a tiny carbon crystal into a symbolic notion of love and eternity. Even though there are some of us who deny wanting the big wedding or the sparkly diamond, we have at least a form of craving for that…as Matthew McConaughey phrases it, “frosting” (of course from How to lose a guy in 10 days). Just as Philip Warren in that movie phrases it so marvelously, “There isn’t a diamond in the room that sparkles like a woman in love.” There’s just something about intermingling love and diamonds and we all approve, and to be frank, there’s absolutely, positively nothing wrong with that. Frost yourselves, ladies, we all know that we all deserve it.