Companies spend a lot of time and money to make sure that they don’t lose any information about your event. They have many outlets like client relationship management (CRM) programs, online planners and forms to make sure that everything is organized and no information is over looked or lost. When hiring a professional company you are hiring a company that can only survive on volume. Though your event is just as important as any other event, companies need to create volume to give you the best value on entertainment. So, organization is an integral part for them to make your event flawless. Here are some things that you can do to help make sure your event goes without any hiccups.


If the company sends you any forms in either a word document or an online form, make sure you fill it out. This is apart of their procedure to stay organized and keep all your information in one place. At Parisi Events we provide each customer with their own online profile with a detailed planning form and music request form. We create a personal folder for each client on our network server to make sure any documents, notes and timelines that we create with you are in one place so that they are not lost and any information that is sent to us is easy to find. Having everything in writing is an important aspect to keep in mind. A few things that you shouldn’t do that increase the probability of information getting lost are texting, adding information to an existing email thread contacting an associate via their personal phone.

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The worst thing you can do when providing important information to a company is texting their personal cell phone. Between you, their friends and family, information gets over looked and forgotten. Make sure to use their work phone number or email to get in touch with them. Just like texting, make sure you contact them via their work number, unless it’s an emergency. Leaving a voicemail on their work phone is better than leaving a voicemail on their personal phone. When they get to the office that will be the first thing they listen to in the morning, and they will be writing down all the information you provide them down. Calling them on their work number will also improve your chances that the person is in the office and has their full attention on you. The next worst thing is emails. Just like in a group text message, an email usually starts with one subject and then many other questions and conversations are added into the email thread. Information then becomes lost in the email thread and even when looking through the threads, information can be over looked. Now with a professional company when you email them, they input the information into their notes but not everyone is as organized as we are at Parisi Events. To ensure that nothing via email is lost start a new email thread with the important information you need to provide.


Remember we want you to have the best event possible. Even though, we at Parisi Events are more organized than others and have procedures in place to make sure your event flawless, many other companies do not. So again fill out any forms you are given and refrain from sending bits of information here and there. You don’t want any company to lose anything that you have worked hard on.


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